CD Policy

Only ONE TRACK RELEVANT to the event should be on EACH CD. Sydney Eisteddfod takes no responsibility for CD error.

CDs should be clearly labeled with EVENT number & ENTRANT number using an appropriate pen. These details must be clearly visible through its protective case. Do NOT use labels on CDs as this may cause CD failure.


 Note Specific to Dance Events:

  • Please write either 'ON stage' or 'OFF stage' on the CD to indicate when the CD should be started: i.e. 'ON stage' = music commences once performers are in position on stage; 'OFF stage' = the CD should start once the entrant is announced but before they enter the stage.
  • For championship events, clearly label the items on both the CDs e.g. Classical CD1, Lyrical CD 2.

 If the CD is prepared on a home computer, ensure it plays through a domestic audio system (standard CD player). Please do not use CD-RW (Re-writeable), these are meant for computers and are sometimes not recognized in sensitive audio equipment. Please make sure that the music is in a MP3 or WAV Format (NOT M4A or MP4) and burnt as an Audio CD.


 Recommended Software: iTunes is available for both MAC & PC computers, free of charge. You can convert your music into MP3 format and burn as an Audio CD.

Creating Mp3 version EXAMPLE

CDs will be returned. These need to be collected with the reports at the conclusion of each event. CDs will only be kept for one week after the conclusion of an event after which they will be securely destroyed and recycled. 

A second backup copy should be retained by the entrant and will only be called for should the first CD fail. Please refer to General Rules & Conditions 37 for more details.  In case the backup CD does not work, subject to the venue, USB or phone can be used, as a backup.