110: AUSTRALIAN CHORAL GRAND PRIX for Any Age & Youth (19/u) Choirs

Sunday 20 August 2:30pm

Venue: Sydney Grammar School - John Vallance Hall

Event Ages: Any Age & Youth (19/u)

Event Type: Group

Sponsored by
The Haggarty Foundation, The Cameron Family, Sydney Eisteddfod Jubilee Fund, Rotary Club of Sydney Cove

Status: Completed

Total Performance Time NOT TO exceed 12 minutes, which includes time taken between items. Finalists to present a program that MUST include a work by an Australian composer or arranger.

It is recommended that Finalists give thought to the entertainment value in their chosen program.

Conductors to submit a hand-written declaration form for their chosen Australian Composer or arranger item when registering on the day.

Entry via Ticket Participation: The invited groups will be required to purchase a set number of tickets (information given when invitation issued).

Place-getters from the two Choral Championships - Events 100 & 111, will be considered, and a certain number of choirs will be selected to perform in this Grand Prix.

Adjudicators' reports will be written for this Grand Prix. No marks will be given on these reports.

* Choir members to be substantially the same as qualified them for the Grand Prix, but other bonafide choristers, who may have been unavailable earlier through illness or misadventure, may be included. In which case details must be submitted to the Sydney Eisteddfod Office in writing when accepting the Finalist's position or no later than two weeks before the event.
* The decision of the Jury is final.

ACCOMPANIMENT: Up to two instruments may be used either to supplement the piano accompaniment or to provide an alternate accompaniment if in the score. Additional handheld percussive instruments used by the choristers are allowed. No assembly of equipment allowed on stage.

Total Prize Value Exceeds: $20,000

Winner from Any Age Choirs: $2,500. Sponsored by The Haggarty Foundation.
Winner from Youth (19/u) Choirs: $2,500. Sponsored by The Cameron Family.

Winner: $2,500. Sponsored by The Haggarty Foundation.
2nd: $2,000. Sponsored by The Cameron Family.

Performance of a work by an Australian Composer or Arranger (judged by the jury): $500:
Sponsored by The Cameron Family.

Finalists (excluding place-getters): $1,000 each.
Sponsored by Rotary Club of Sydney Cove & Sydney Eisteddfod Jubilee Fund.

Perpetual & Annual Trophies donated by The Haggarty Foundation.

  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry
  • Choirs Category Rules & Conditions
  • Australian Choral Grand Prix Declaration Form
  • Travel Assistance

Winner Jury Vote (Any Age Choirs) ~ 2 Endeavour Harmony Chorus (Jannali)
Winner Jury Vote (Youth 19/u Choirs) + 2nd Peoples Choice Award ~ 6 Fort Street High School Chamber Choir (Petersham)
Winner Peoples Choice Award + Winner Performance of an Australian Composition ~ 5 Meriden Senior Singers (Strathfield)
Finalist ~ 1 Brigidine College Alumni Choir (St Ives)
Finalist ~ 3 Wenona Vocal Ensemble (North Sydney)
Finalist ~ 4 Urban Voices (Epping)
Finalist ~ 7 Sydney Vocal Project (Ryde)

These results are believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any error or omission is regretted. Circumstances may require alteration to this list without notice.