Jordan Kim

Jordan Kim on stage in the 2016 Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Aspiring ballerina Jordan Kim accepted into six Summer Intensives


It would be no surprise to those who witnessed dancer Jordan Kim perform in the 2016 Sydney Eisteddfod to learn that she has wowed not one but six of the world’s most prestigious ballet schools with her talents.

Jordan was not only a Finalist in the Robert & Elizabeth Albert Sydney Eisteddfod Junior Classical Ballet Scholarship (14 & 15 Years) but was also the recipient of a Scholarship to the Australian Ballet School. In addition to this achievement, she also won prizes in The Wenkart Foundation Ballet Championship (14 Years), the Classical Ballet (14 Years) and the Contemporary Dance (14 Years) events.

In early February 2017, Jordan received the exciting news that she was accepted to The American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet School and Houston Ballet Academy Summer Intensive Programs.

“I was totally ecstatic!” explained Jordan, “never did I dream that all three schools would say yes!”

Yet a month later more good news came her way as she received acceptance letters into The Royal Ballet School and English National Ballet School Summer Programs as well as news from the Youth American Grand Prix that the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in NYC wanted her for their Intensive with the possibility of a scholarship.

When asked what it was like to receive this second-wave of news, the 14 year old revealed, “I was blown away by it all. It was an incredible feeling. I felt so privileged and honoured!”

Having the opportunity to participate in those six programs was a dream come true for Jordan, but unfortunately the dates of the programs have been scheduled to overlap and she was faced with the difficult task of having to choose which one to attend.

 “I have chosen Houston Ballet Academy because they have given me a partial scholarship to attend and they have great boarding facilities. I'm most looking forward to learning new techniques from renowned teachers and hoping for an opportunity to participate in their full time program.”

Jordan explained that the application process for each of the schools was via video submission, which is quite common these days for international applicants.

“Each school has certain criteria that they want to see on the audition videos. My ballet teachers assisted me in recording a professional video and I made sure to submit it before the due date.”

Jordan originally started taking ballet lessons at age 7 for fun and to be with friends but soon realised her passion for dance exceeded that of a hobby.

“I soon realised I really loved ballet and have been working hard ever since. When I dance, I feel good about myself. I can express emotions and feelings that are sometimes difficult to say in words. It's an outlet to let off aggression and frustration. It lets me be me.”

As a past Sydney Eisteddfod entrant and someone with ample competition experience, Jordan’s advice to those thinking of entering Sydney Eisteddfod is simple, “don't hesitate!” 

“Sydney Eisteddfod is not just a local eisteddfod, it opens doors to opportunities far beyond recognition. It has given me a chance to experience stage performance, meet amazing people and be rewarded for all the hours and effort put in to pursue my dreams”.

Sydney Eisteddfod wishes Jordan the best of luck with her adventures in the US and at the Houston Ballet Academy and cannot wait to hear of all she achieves in the future.