Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir on stage at the 2010 Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir- 25 years on and still singing loud and proud!


Sydney Eisteddfod is incredibly proud to have played a part in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir’s journey over the past 25 years, with the group first gracing our stages back in 1996. In that first performance at Sydney Eisteddfod, the group established themselves as a strong competitor, singing their way into the final round of the Citibank Choral Award. 1998 saw the choir reassert their vocal strengths, leading to a triumphant win the following year in 1999, taking the title of the GIO Australia Open Award for Choirs and an impressive $5,000.

Their musical capabilities continued to grow and 2011 saw the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir reemerge onto the Sydney Eisteddfod stage, once again taking top honours, winning the Sacred Choral Award. Their most recent performance of a song by the acclaimed indigenous musician Geoffrey Gurrumui Yunipingu is still regarded as one of the most innovative and original pieces to be performed in a choral event almost two years on.  

In recent years the choir has not been able to perform as regularly at Sydney Eisteddfod as it once did, having a large range of exciting and global opportunities offered to them.  The choir had the opportunity to perform Carl Vine’s ‘Mythologia’ with the esteemed Sydney Dance Company at the Sydney Olympic Arts Festival in 2000; they hosted and performed at the first ever Australasian Gay and Lesbian Choral Festival, and more recently traveled North Europe connecting with the local gay, lesbian and ally choirs of each region whilst taking part in the ‘World Choir Games’ in Riga, Latvia.

When the Sydney Star Observer proposed the formation of a community choir to its readers back in 1991, no one could of guessed that it would lead to one of Sydney’s most diverse and triumphant choral groups. 25 years later and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian choir is stronger than ever, an unceasing symbol of diversity, inclusion and harmony, where all members are united through a love of song.

The impact the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir has made is truly astounding, Sydney Eisteddfod congratulates all past and present members on their achievements and wishes them all the best as they continue to prove that song has the ability to break down barriers and open hearts and minds.