La Coreografia

Sydney Eisteddfod Alumni Jana Baldovino in La Coreografia, a show by choreographer Paulina Quinteros. Photo: Danza del Arte

Ten alumni in La Coreografia, a production by Sydney Eisteddfod adjudicator Paulina Quinteros


Sydney Eisteddfod adjudicator and artistic director of Danza del Arte Paulina Quinteros presented the first Sydney season of La Coreografia recently. 

Sydney Eisteddfod alumni took part in the production en masse with dancers Daniel Savetta, Veronica Mahon, Claudia Dutton, Jana Baldovino, Jessi Seymour, Hannah Nash, Molly Little, Lily Potoger, Jasmian Kyle and Isabelle Klemke having roles.

With a Sir Robert Helpmann Award and a Peggy van Praagh Award to her name, the Chilean-born choreographer created a show to reflect her experiences and allow her to explore many ballets within one work.

We caught up with Paulina to talk about the concept behind La Coreografia and what it was like working with several Sydney Eisteddfod alumni.

Tell us about the concept behind La Coreografia. 

I wanted to create a dance work based on the life of a choreographer, a work that would reflect both my experiences in the dance industry as a female choreographer as well as offer glimpses of my personal life throughout the ballet.

The more I thought about this idea, the more it interested me as I felt that it would effectively give me the opportunity to create many ballets within the one work, as a choreographer is constantly producing new works. I wanted to enrich the audience’s experience by exposing them to a variety of musical compositions and different stylistic movement vocabulary.

Apart from the September 23 performance at the Everest Theatre, were there any other performances?

Yes! November 4 was a particularly special day and event for me – and the dancers – as we performed for the Chilean Ambassador, Consul and Trade Commissioner, as well as an Australian audience. I am working towards taking Danza del Arte to perform in Chile.

As a Sydney Eisteddfod adjudicator and supporter, what are your thoughts on the role Sydney Eisteddfod plays in preparing young performing artists for the great big professional world of dance?

Sydney Eisteddfod helps dancers gain confidence on stage and prepares them for the highly competitive career that dance is. It also serves as a platform for young, emerging artists to gain recognition in the industry.

As the artistic director and choreographer of Danza del Arte, what are some of the characteristics you see in Sydney Eisteddfod alumni that participate in your productions?

I could summarise it by saying that the main characteristic that unites the dancers who are Sydney Eisteddfod alumni is that they all rise to any challenge. They’re very hard working dancers, organized, resilient and 100% committed.

What’s next for Danza del Arte?

I want to continue to create and provide a place for talented artists, both emerging and professional dancers, a place where artistry is the reason why we are all there working together, a place where we create great things.

There aren’t many opportunities available for dancers in Australia with many more dancers graduating than being employed. However there is so much talent in this country and I want to utilize and showcase this talent in Australia and around the world.