Talent flows in 2014 Sydney Eisteddfod's Own Composition (Any Age)


Andrew Howes adds the 2014 Own Composition (Any Age) to his long list of achievements with his composition for a full orchestra titled Ichirós.  The piece is inspired by the Pythagorean concept of the perfect fifth and even included a part for rail tracks with a note that they could be substituted for any pieces of sufficiently resonant metal.

Through out his career Andrew has won many awards for composition including Sydney Eisteddfod’s award for Own Composition (Any Age) in 2012 and 2011 and Own Composition (18/u) in 2007, and Own Composition (14/u) in 2006.

Second place went to Alice Chance for her chamber work A Waltz In Search Of An Identity for saxophone, trombone and piano, whilst third place was awarded to Ben Murrie for his moving piece for a string quartet titled A Glimpse Of What Used To Be.

Adjudicator Richard Charlton congratulated all entrants on the high standard of compositions submitted and commented that it was both humbling and encouraging to see how many good composers are out there. In addition, he highly commended entries by Pavle Cajic, Titus Grenyer and Sylvia Lim.