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Take the advice of Australia’s most talented young artists and step into the spotlight


Entering the McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod has many different benefits for aspiring performing artists. For many an opportunity to perform may be a learning experience, a yield to the calling of the stage, a stepping-stone into a career in the arts, an opportunity to win scholarships to fund further training or a combination of all of these things.

Here’s some advice for those thinking about participating the Sydney Eisteddfod from some of 2014′s high achievers:

Alex Pan, winner of the Sydney Eisteddfod Actor’s Championship (16-21 years)

“If it’s your first time, don’t worry about it! I was really hesitant when I entered in my first eisteddfod back when I lived in New Zealand, but I ended up really enjoying it. Eisteddfods are a great place to practice something you enjoy doing. Also don’t start memorising all your pieces a week before the eisteddfod! I tried that once and it didn’t work very well.”

 James Ioelu, second place winner in the 2013 Sydney Eisteddfod McDonald’s Aria

“Do it!  Two of my friends have done it and for them the dream has come true.”

Oscar Han, winner of the 2013 Sydney Eisteddfod Alf & Pearl Pollard Memorial Award for Performance Excellence

“The Sydney Eisteddfod, is and always will be the start of something big, no matter your result, the notion of entering is enough to boost your confidence on many levels.”

Gemma Nha, winner of the  2014 Sydney Eisteddfod Singer of the Year

“I would say to go ahead and do it, because its a great experience for future auditions and competitions, and you receive great feedback from the adjudicators about what you did well and what you can work on.”

Ashlyn Skye Tymms, Finalist in the 2014 Sydney Eisteddfod McDonald’s Aria

“Eisteddfods are the perfect opportunity to perform your chosen repertoire and it’s good to take your performance from the rehearsal room to the stage!  You will learn a lot about your own personal habits and best choice of repertoire for future auditions and competitions. “

Alex Chorley, winner of 5 gold medals in the 2014 McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod

“DO IT! Eisteddfods are a fantastic way to get started as a performer. Having the opportunity to stand up in front of an audience and perform and then receive feedback from professionals is a great way to learn and gain confidence in whatever discipline you are entering, plus you might even win a trophy! Entering eisteddfods has opened so many doors for me – I can’t recommend it highly enough! Just get out there, do your best and believe in yourself!”

Entries for the 2015 Sydney Eisteddfod opened in January.