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Village on Broadway on stage at Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Sydney Eisteddfod to take the stage at Royal Easter Show


For the first time since 2013, Sydney Eisteddfod will be putting forward some of its best and most entertaining performers to wow the crowds at the 2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show. Sunday 27th March will see three dance groups and three choirs charm an audience of between 15,000 – 20,000 people with their talents. All groups have an extensive and notable history with Sydney Eisteddfod and are sure to be a hit!

Here is some insight into the groups that will be performing:

The vibrant, award winning women’s choir Coastal a Cappela will be one of the groups performing on the day. Based on the Central Coast, the group’s 41 active members perform a range of music in unaccompanied 4-part harmony, including pop, jazz and barbershop. Coastal a Cappella has competed in Sydney Eisteddfod for many years and their recent successes include 2nd place in the ‘2015 Sydney Eisteddfod Choreographed Choir’. This achievement followed a previous win in this category in 2014, in addition to winning the ‘Show Choir’ event in 2011.

Lee Academy is a dance and performing arts school based on the Central Coast of New South Wales and will be one of the dance groups being showcased. Lee Academy has been greatly involved in Sydney Eisteddfod for many years, performing successfully in many events. Lee Academy took part in the ‘2013 Dance of Champions’ with the jury awarding them 2nd place for their captivating musical theatre piece. Since then, Lee Academy was selected as competitors for the prestigious ‘Sydney Eisteddfod Open Jazz Dance Group Final’ at the Sydney Opera House in 2015 and were also the winners of the 'Modern Expressive/Lyrical' event for a group of 4-9 dancers that same year.

Southern Lights Vocal Academy is proud to be presenting their Girls Ensemble, Southern Brothers, Southern Sistars and their renowned Choir of Southern Lights, who were the winners of the 2015 ‘John Lamble Foundation Australasia Open Choral Championship’. Southern Lights has been heavily involved with Sydney Eisteddfod over the years, regarding the festival as a highlight in their calendar year. 2015 saw the Southern Brothers Choir progress through to the ‘Under 19 Male or Female Voices Only Championships’, a great success for the group, resulting in stronger bonds between members as well as stronger performances.

Village on Broadway will be presenting vibrant dance pieces proving their commitment to excellence and professional performing arts training. 2015 saw the dancers from Village on Broadway score an impressive victory in the ‘Sydney Eisteddfod Open Jazz Dance Group Final’ in the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House, having had two groups selected as finalists. This win reaffirmed their reputation as a strong competitor, especially after their appearance in the ‘2014 Sydney Eisteddfod Open Jazz Dance Group Final’ and other various successes.

Platinum Vocal Studio will also be bringing their superb vocals from Burwood to the show! Since 2011 PVS has been teaching of a broad range of musical genres such as pop, R’n’B, jazz, country, musical theatre, rock, growing to be one of the leading teaching institutions in Sydney for vocal performance. In 2015, the ‘PVS Glee Club’ competed in the ’Sydney Eisteddfod Choir’ event, receiving highly commended and eventually a position in ‘The John Lamble Foundation Australasian Open Choral Championship’, competing against the biggest and most established choirs across New South Wales.

Presenting another dynamic dance showcase will be Industry Performing Arts, a studio with over 30 years of experience and training in all styles of dance. 2015 was an exceptional year for Industry Performing Arts as they took home a Highly Commended in both the any age ‘Jazz Dance (4-9 dancers)’ event and the any age ‘Contemporary (4-9 dancers)' event. The previous year saw them come a well-deserved 3rd place in the any age ‘Jazz Dance Group’ event, solidifying the prosperous relationship they had formed with Sydney Eisteddfod over the years.


Sydney Eisteddfod Showcase at the Royal Easter Show

Date: 27th March 2016

Address: 1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

Location: The Shed Stage

Time: 9.30am-4.50pm

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