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Sheridan Mouawad: From the stages of Sydney Eisteddfod to Las Vegas


Published: 18/02/2015 11:39am

I’m a proud Australian successfully performing around the world! I started competing at Sydney Eisteddfod in my early teens up until I was 18 covering a variety of events, from solo dance, troupe dance, solo classical singing, solo contemporary singing, solo songwriting, solo song and dance. Sydney Eisteddfod is widely regarded as the largest competition in Australia with the best upcoming talent and what better way to advance and hone your talent and technique than to throw yourself out there amongst the best in your category and country!

Sheridan Mouawad

Sheridan Mouawad

I found my passion for musical theatre the day I won my song and dance section with ‘All That Jazz’ from the musical Chicago. I knew I loved to dance and I knew I loved to sing, BUT when that moment came when I was able to apply my two best talents into one, tell a story AND be good at it… I fell in love. I knew at that moment, this is what I was born to do, and it’s been a love affair that’s lasted forever.  

Being a performer auditioning and facing rejection all the time based on type, style and ability is difficult to face, but Sydney Eisteddfod offered me the opportunity to be judged and focus on my technique and foundations of my talent and performance skills which prepared me as a solid and individual product, which has been an experience I am extremely fortunate to have had.

I am currently in ‘Rock of Ages’ Las Vegas, and if I didn’t stay positive and hopeful, my dream to be in a hit Broadway show would never have come true! 

Sheridan Rock of Ages

Sheridan Mouawad


Sheridan Mouawad in Monster Rock Show


Sheridan Mourawad grew-up competing on Sydney Eisteddfod's stages. She has won many Dance, Contemporary Singing and Classical Singing awards over the years including the 2006 Song & Dance 14/U.