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Shauna Jensen: To be Inspired is Great, to Inspire is Incredible


Everyday, it seems, we turn on our social media and there is an inspirational quote posted about making our lives better. We all want to feel our own worth. We all want to feel inspired. Some days we do, and some days we don’t.

What does inspire us truly? 

Love inspires us

Hope inspires us

Desire inspires us

People Inspire us

Events inspire us

Music inspires us

Art inspires us

To remain inspired, to keep going, to keep pursuing that goal, to sing songs that MEAN something to you….be inspired by a lyric or an artist’s interpretation of a song. Write a song about how good you feel. Write a poem and try and put it to music, sing about your life. If you feel you’re not a writer (like me, good interpreter, not so good at songwriting) look for songs that UPLIFT you. Be aware of the lyrics of the songs. What do they mean? What feeling was the writer looking for? What does that song make YOU feel? When you are aware of that, you’ll be INSPIRED to find songs that have a personal resonance within you and when you make that connection, you become inspired to sing better, because it means something to you.

In my role as a teacher and mentor, I have seen hundreds of singers come and go. The ones who inspire ME to teach them everything I know, are the students who are open. Students who take a song and figure out what the story is and who come back the next lesson more enthusiastic than the last lesson, because the song has resonated with them and they’ve been INSPIRED to find more music like that and they’ve become inspired to make their own way with that song.

Stop and listen to a singer. 

Listening to Maria Callas (only the greatest Opera singer EVER in my opinion) inspires me to not sing classically, but to sing with passion. 

Listening to Aretha Franklin (the greatest soul/R&B singer EVER, in my opinion) inspires me to sing with soul, to sing with feel, and the only way to sing with “feel” is to listen to great singers and become INSPIRED.

 We won’t all be inspired by the same music, the same artists or the same  inspirational quotes. But we all can become inspired if we open our hearts and look for the feeling within. That feeling you have that you cant explain after seeing a painting/hearing a singer/watching a movie/reading a book…that feeling that just makes you want to sing. That’s inspiration. Learn from it, be inspired and in turn you will inspire others. That will be your greatest legacy.

Thoughts become things, choose the good ones. 


 Shauna Jensen’s career spans more than four decades.  She has toured in the USA, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.  Working with some of the biggest names in the industry, she has appeared in numerous stage productions, on live TV and has been the voice behind hundreds of TV, radio and movie commercials. She toured on and off with Australia’s most famous rock star Jimmy Barnes for more than three decades and featured in shows on Atlantic Cruises.

Shauna continues to record and release dance floor hits with international producer/DJ Wayne G and remains in high demand.