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Sensational effort shown at the 2016 News Reading/Radio Announcing Events


Heralding in the 2016 festival season, the next generation of aspiring news readers and radio announcers competed with diction and skill on Sunday 22 May.  Two events took place on the day at Fine Music FM 102.5 studios in St Leonards, the first for entrants aged 14 years and under and the second for those in the 15-19 years age group.

Sydney Eisteddfod would like to extend congratulations to Sam Goodman from Little Bay, winner of the News Reading/Radio Announcing (15-18 Years) event. As this was not Sam’s first year competing in this event, it was evident to the judges that he had taken on board the feedback provided to him in previous years, adding new value to his piece. Following Sam's win, Romy Glass was awarded 2nd place and Daniel Gilerman 3rd place. 

The News Reading/Radio Announcing (14 & Under) event set a new score, with 2016 seeing the largest amount of entrants compete since the event was reintroduced into the syllabus in 2011. Milan Guberinic from Mount Pritchard took out first place, due to her confident style and natural tone. 2nd place was awarded to Johanna Lafoai and 3rd place was awarded to Joshua Stotski. 

It is no easy feat presenting an unprepared script to a set of judges, however it was wonderful to see all entrants trying their absolute hardest and doing their best. According to adjudicator Judy Deacon, one of the most important things to remember as a newsreader is to make sure you understand the topics you are discussing and project this into your delivery. Her advice for future entrants is “to relax and enjoy the experience, if you are engaged in what you are presenting, you will keep the audience interested”.