Prinnie Stevens

Prinnie Stevens is thrilled to host McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod Dance of Champions this year


Singing sensation Prinnie Stevens will grace our stages as the McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod Dance of Champions host on September 18 when she will also delight the audience with a performance. 

Prinnie has dedicated most of her life to singing and dancing and has competed in several performing arts events throughout the years. She shot to fame in Australia in 2012 after reaching the Top 4 at The Voice Australia under the guidance of coach Joel Madden. 

Performing arts competitions, she said, were essential to her growth as an artist. 

“The Eisteddfods taught me how to become a performer. From the preparation, to the arrival times and working with a group. Working towards the event every year, pushed you as a performer to strive to be better each and every time,” she said. 

“Through the years I’ve learned that 90% of performance is preparation. Practice really is worth every second spent and my biggest advice to young performers is – ALWAYS! – to get out and just sing and dance.” 

“Sydney Eisteddfod is one of the best places to do that! The hardest part is getting over nerves, and competing is the best way to get over this fear,” Prinnie said.

On September 18 she will host the McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod Dance of Champions at the Science Theatre at UNSW, where 17 of the very best dance troupes who competed this year will battle it out for a share in a $28,000 prize pool. 

The event, televised by Channel 10, promises to be one filled with fun, high energy and incredible talent.

“I can’t wait to see all the amazing talent this year. The standard of Dance of Champions is world class and the event is a safe haven for many young Australian performers. I’m so excited!“ Prinnie said.

 “Growing up, all I wanted to do was perform. Sydney Eisteddfod has played such a huge part in my life and it gave me and other young people the platform to perform, grow as an artist and become better and better each year.”

 Prinnie will tour Australia with the show Thriller Live later this year, a show she is very excited to share with her fans because in it she rocks the stage with a crew dancing and singing Michael Jackson hits.