Shanul Sharma Steven Hillinger

Shanul Sharma and Maestro Steven Hillinger on stage in the 2015 Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Praise for the North Sydney Symphony Orchestra


Sydney Eisteddfod praises the North Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Steven Hillinger for continuing to support the Sydney Eisteddfod Opera Scholarship Final for yet another year.

This thriving partnership began in 2013 when the North Sydney Symphony Orchestra accompanied the Sydney Eisteddfod Opera Scholarship Finalists for the first time. Since then our audiences have thoroughly enjoyed the added element of performance and the participants benefited immensely from performing with a live orchestra.

Conductor Maestro Steven Hillinger said that usually this type of experience only happens when singers reach a professional level.

“The experience that singers gain from singing with an orchestra is immeasurable,” he said.

“Having an orchestra available for a singer is usually a very expensive exercise. It’s all well and good to sing with piano accompaniment but the power and strength needed to sing over and above an orchestra as well as having all the orchestral sounds and colours intended by the composer and created by an orchestra, adds a whole other dimension to a performance.”

The partnership also benefits the Orchestra’s instrumentalists as they are able to expand their skills and work on different repertoires.

“It offers them something different from our usual concerts of traditional orchestral works. Accompanying singers takes a completely different set of orchestral skills,” Maestro Hillinger said.

“When consulting with the North Sydney Symphony Orchestra committee and orchestra members about continuing the partnership I was told a resounding and unanimous ‘YES’ from everyone, so we’re certainly looking forward to another year.”