Erin Bruce

Erin Bruce on stage at the McDonald's Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP

Our stars perform at Establishment for McDonald’s Licensee Awards


McDonald’s Licensees had a taste of the variety of entertainment nurtured by Sydney Eisteddfod recently at the NSW/ACT McDonald’s Licensee Awards Dinner. Recognising McDonald’s continuing support as sponsor of McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod, two contemporary vocalists and four tap dancers performed for the Licensees as they gathered for their annual gala event at Sydney’s beautiful Establishment Ballroom.

The evening commenced with four talented tappers from Capital Performance Studios, Hornsby, performing a sensational routine choreographed by Mitchell Dellevergini.  Under the direction of Glenn and Kerrie Dumbrell, Capital Performance Studios has been collecting gold medals on McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod stages for almost three decades. It excels in both jazz and tap, and reveling in this stellar opportunity, its dancers succeeded in wowing the audience with their dazzling display. 

A little later, Sydney Eisteddfod Fundraising and Sponsorship Manager, Andrew Finlay took to the stage to thank the Licensees for their continued support and helping young artists achieve their dreams. He then introduced the two vocalists Erin Bruce and Bella Thomas who provided the rest of the evening’s entertainment singing solos and then together in a duet from the musical Wicked.

Erin Bruce is a sensational singer who knows how to move and fill the stage with her personality.  Since her McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod days, she has enjoyed considerable success abroad and is presently back home entertaining local audiences in the Soft Shoe Shuffle.  Bella Thomas is a hugely talented 11-year-old. She won all hearts when she appeared at the McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod last year and is now preparing to make her main stage debut in the title role in the musical Matilda at the Lyric Theatre.   It is also worth noting that Molly Barwick and Sasha Rose who share the role with Bella are also young stars of McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod platform.

McDonald’s sponsorship of Sydney Eisteddfod allows many young performers opportunity to hone their artistic talents – it is with great pride and pleasure that these same artists can offer their performance as a ‘thank you’ to those so generous at the Licencees annual awards event.


Andrew Finlay, Fundraising and Sponsorship Manager at SE; Capital Performance Studios, Hornsby with studio Manager and Choreographer; Dance troupe: Madeline Scott, Aislinn Taylor, Tim Jones, Cameron Beard; McDonald’s Licensees: Bernard Kelly (left) and Sam Alvaro (right).


Bella Thomas of Mortdale, McDonald’s Licensee Louie Treffiletti; Erin Bruce of Cronulla; Andrew Finlay, Fundraising and Sponsorship Manager at SE

Bella Thomas

Bella Thomas on stage at the 2014 McDonald's Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media