Marjorie Maydwell


Marjorie Maydwell was raised in a very musical environment with her piano and singing teacher mother, and St Andrew’s Cathedral chorister brothers. After studying piano from an early age, she decided the harp would be her instrument of choice and was accepted as a scholarship student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and then as a full time student at the Conservatorium High School from Year 7.

Marjorie was awarded an Australia Arts Council grant to study at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique (CNSM) de Paris, France where she studied harp with Marie-Claire Jamet and Catherine Michel (wife of film composer, Michel Legrand), and solfége with Mlle Jacqueline Lequin.  While in France, the Spanish Government also awarded her a scholarship to study with Nicanor Zabeletta, and perform at the famous international festival of music and dance in the Alhambra Palace in Granada.

As Professor of Harp and Solfége at the Conservatoire de Maurice Ravel, she went on to record and perform in Europe with l’Orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris and Les Jeune Solistes de Paris and worked under such distinguished conductors as Pierre Boulez, Leonard Bernstein and Armin Jordan. As a soloist, Marjorie participated in several music festivals in Paris.

On her return to Australia she has given various solo performances as well as appearing with major orchestras such as the AOBO, Australia Ensemble, Collegium Musicum at the University of UNSW, and local community orchestras and groups.

Over the years, Marjorie has had great pleasure performing with the NSW Doctor’s Orchestra, Musicus Medicus, raising money for chosen charities and supporting the evolving Australian Culture through the Sydney Eisteddfod in their mission to promote the pursuit of excellence, providing opportunities for young aspiring performers and developing future audiences while connecting local, national and international communities through music and the arts.