John Blanch: Kawai and Sydney Eisteddfod, a powerful partnership


Kawai has supported Sydney Eisteddfod for a quarter of a century, and in that time we’ve seen more than a thousand young pianists rise to incredible heights, both on the stage and in the professional lives that have followed. Some of the country’s most important musicians can trace a line back through their successes to Sydney Eisteddfod, which has been nurturing and elevating young artists for more than 80 years, and is truly one of the city’s – and the country’s – proudest cultural achievements. If Kawai is the future of the piano, Sydney Eisteddfod is the springboard for future pianists. 

It’s a partnership that makes sense, because our goals have much in common. Both Kawai and Sydney Eisteddfod are committed to promoting musical excellence, and the endless possibilities open to those who dare to dream and work with fierce passion. Both are committed to building bridges between like-minded people and communities, engaging young people with a love of the performing arts that will last a lifetime, and providing them with the means to focus and develop their talents into profound personal accomplishments of artistic expression.

Sydney Eisteddfod has been a true champion of the ideals that we share and Kawai is proud to play a part in the musical story that this institution continues to tell, in the city we love. It has been a powerful partnership for small people with big dreams and it’s one that we look forward to growing with into the future.