Dr Tamara Young at the 2014 NSW Doctors Orchestra Fundraising Concert.

Dr Tamara Young: from pirouette princess to master of the bow


Former ballerina Tamara Young competed in the Sydney Eisteddfod in the mid 90s and is now for the 9th time helping raise funds for the NSW Doctors Orchestra Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship.

Growing up Dr Young spent her time revelling in the joy of her two passions: ballet and playing the violin. The Randwick resident competed as a teenager in the Sydney Eisteddfod classical ballet, demi character and contemporary trio categories in the mid 90s. 

After sustaining a few injuries and surgeries in her late teens, Dr Young decided to stop dancing to became a ballet teacher and later a physiotherapist.

Fast forward to 2016, the violinist is now a registrar – a dual trainee in endocrinology and general medicine – and a NSW Doctors Orchestra veteran. 

She joined Musicus Medicus in 2007 and in one of those incredible twists of fate, ended up back in the Sydney Eisteddfod stage, this time helping provide support to young instrumentalists via the NSW Doctors Orchestra Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship. 

The violinist said she grew up around music and has always loved it: “Music is a really good outlet for me … it’s a different way of channelling creative energy." 

Dr Young is among 80 doctors combining their talents under the baton of Dr David Banney in a fundraising concert titled Around the World in 80 minutes

“The concert has a very accessible program. As the title suggests, it is music from all around the world and there is something for everyone to enjoy in the repertoire,” Dr Young said. 

“I’ve formed some great friendships in the NSW Doctors Orchestra. It’s nice to see people who enjoy performing arts outside of their medical careers and to see the balance between work and music. 

“It has been amazing to play in an orchestra where we do have professional musicians like Simon Tedeschi as soloists.”