Dance Day at the Opera House


Dance at Sydney Eisteddfod is always exhilarating, but after the Ballet Scholarships and the Dance of Champions, the most exciting day is without doubt the Dance Day at Sydney Opera House.  


It is a day that starts early with the arrival of hundreds of primary schoolers in colourful costumes.   They come wide-eyed with wonder and regard the honour of dancing on the Opera House stage as something they will remember forever.  


In the afternoon, the small jazz groups compete in much the same spirit as their juniors and mostly dance for fun, along with larger groups from part-time academies.


In the evening, the mood changes as the more serious troupes arrive, intent on pitting their skills as they bid for a place in the in the Open Jazz Group final that comprises part of Sydney Eisteddfod's McDonaldês Ballet Scholarships program.  United in their ambition to dance in the final round, these troupes endeavour to give their best performance as they dance into the night.