Cathy Fraser

Cathy Fraser (right) with 2013 Sydney Eisteddfod NSW Drs Orchestra Instrumental Scholarship winner Anna Da Silva Chen. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Cathy Fraser: Good musicians, good doctors…it starts with a dream


Each creative journey begins with a dream. Sydney Eisteddfod gives our community the chance to follow dreams. For over 80 years, they have provided opportunities for thousands of young people in a wide variety of performing arts. 

The NSW Doctors Orchestra is one of the supporters committed to share the vision of Sydney Eisteddfod. We sponsor the young instrumentalist prize, just one of many scholarships awarded by Sydney Eisteddfod. Our active engagement reflects our belief in this mission to promote young people’s participation in performing arts. Sydney Eisteddfod makes a significant difference in countless young lives, assisting performers to follow their desires, fulfill their passions and develop their talents. 

Players in our orchestra’s annual fundraising Musicus Medicus concerts know personally the value of such opportunities. Many of us share the experience of working towards performances in public as children and young adults in the Sydney Eisteddfod. This was an ideal platform for us to develop confidence and skill, contributing significantly to our musical successes, at the same time as assisting us in achieving unrelated goals in our lives. We now enjoy encouraging and empowering more young people to participate in potentially life changing experiences.  

One’s dreams can lead in different directions. In the pursuit of excellence, some artists aspire to greater challenges beyond their experience in Sydney Eisteddfod, and follow their ambitions towards successful national and international careers in their chosen talent. However, it is important for those who go on to different careers to also keep up their creative interests. Just one example of this is the ability of the orchestra members to combine our work in medicine with our ongoing passion in music. Skills learned and maturity gained through the experience of performing arts festivals can be applied to all walks of life.

The culture of the Sydney Eisteddfod team is one of professionalism, efficiency and passion. I believe this attitude filters down to every young performer on stage, giving them opportunities for memorable and meaningful experiences.  

Engagement in performing arts can be a lifelong aspiration. 

It starts with a dream.

Sydney Eisteddfod gives our youth this start.


Dr Cathy Fraser is a flautist, general practitioner and the Founder and Manager of the NSW Doctors Orchestra.