Andrey Lebedev 2

Andrey showcases his love for "Australian Music and the Classical Guitar"


Andrey Lebedev, winner of the 2012 ‘NSW Drs Orchestra Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship’ had the honour of showcasing his prize-winning guitar skills in March 2016 at an inimitable programme entitled "Australian Music and the Classical Guitar” at the Royal Academy of Music. It was an evening purely dedicated to music by Australia’s leading composers and took audiences on a journey across our nations unique landscape, exploring a range of themes evocative of our national identity and character.  

Sydney Eisteddfod congratulates Andrey on this incredible achievement, which saw him perform along side exceptional Academy musicians from both Australia and abroad including the esteemed Joseph Havlat, Lotte Betts-Dean, the Ardour Quartet and Joseph Prindl, as well as the Academy String Orchestra conducted by Jo Cole (RAM Head of Strings) accompanied him in the final item.

Andrey has continued to grow as a musician and performer since his days as a Sydney Eisteddfod entrant, not only taking out a number of additional titles and awards but also having the opportunity to perform overseas in London.

Video by Andrey Lebedev via YouTube.