Teagan Denham

Teagan Denham on stage at the 2014 McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WInkiPoP Media

An Interview with Teagan Denham


Teagan Denham impressed audiences and adjudicators alike with her heartfelt rendition of Gravity  by Sara Bareilles in the 2014 Sydney Eisteddfod Singer of the Year, landing her a place in the fiercely contested final. Singing in front of an audience and connecting with them through performance is Teagan’s  passion.

Why did you start singing?

I started singing because ever since I heard music, the musicality and feeling of songs felt right. I’ve had this passion for it since the moment I heard music.

What is your favourite song to sing and why? 

My favourite song to sing is definitely Gravity by Sara Bareilles. This is because it has a special meaning to me and I love to communicate this meaning to the audience.

What would you say to someone that was thinking about entering the Sydney Eisteddfod? 

I would definitely recommend that they take part in Sydney Eisteddfod as it is a wonderful experience that you learn a lot from and connect and make friends with other singers.

What do you dream to achieve?

My dream is to travel around the world touring as a singer as I love to perform on stage in front of people.

What was the most memorable aspect of performing in the Sydney Eisteddfod?

One of the most memorable aspects I have endeavoured was getting so much amazing feedback from various adjudicators. Also meeting many new friends along the journey.

What have you learnt about yourself through performing in the Sydney Eisteddfod?

The Sydney Eisteddfod has helped gain more confidence with performing on stage.

What did you do to prepare for your performance? 

Lots and lots of practice! I always deconstruct the song so I know exactly what I’m singing about.

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