Luke Dimattina

Luke Dimattina on stage in the 2016 Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

An Interview with Luke Dimattina


Luke Dimattina, finalist in the 2016 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship and recipient of  The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Performance Award, recently spoke to Sydney Eisteddfod about his passion for performing in front of an audience and connecting with them through dance. He also shared what he is hoping to achieve next as he pursues a career in the performing arts. 

What inspired your passion for ballet?
My passion for ballet was inspired upon moving to a new dance school.  Here I was encouraged to study ballet and then eventually to audition for the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (VCASS).
what inspired you to start dancing? 
My parents always say how when I was younger I was constantly dancing and moving around, so they decided to enrolled me in a creative movement class. From then on I was inspired to keep dancing and I danced at two different local dance schools and then eventually auditioned for VCASS.
Who inspires you and why? 
The Nederlands Dans Theater inspires me. The way they move and the choreography they perform is so unique. I love how engaging, interesting and intriguing their performances are, I am inspired by such original creativity.
Tell us a little bit about the classical variation and free variation that you performed in the Sydney Eisteddfod ballet scholarship final and why you chose to perform them. 
Siegfried’s variation from Swan Lake is pure 'ballet', from one of the most famous, great Petipa classical ballets. I chose it because it has a nice balance of varying ballet steps in it.  My free variation is a contemporary called Impel which I choreographed myself especially for Sydney Eisteddfod. 
Which other performers do you most like to watch, and why?  
I most like to watch dancers of the Sydney Dance Company. I enjoy watching them because I find their distinct contemporary style so dynamic and exclusive to the Company.
What is the best piece of performance advice you've ever heard?
“It’s not what you do it’s how you do it” - Tim Storey
What are you hoping to achieve next?
I hope I am able to get into a Junior Company somewhere in Europe or America where I can dance and perform both ballet and contemporary. 

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