Brigidine College

An Interview with Georgia and Tiegan from Brigidine College Vocal Ensemble


Finalists in the 2016 Australian Choral Grand Prix, Brigidine College Senior Vocal Ensemble, have consistently presented high quality vocals on the Sydney Eisteddfod stage. This year, the ensemble was awarded prizes in both the Youth Choir for Female Voices Only (19 & Under)  event and the Youth Sacred/ Gospel Choir (19 & Under) event, as well as taking out Third Prize in the The John Lamble Foundation Australasian Championship For Youth Choirs (19 & Under). This was their second time, competing in the Australian Choral Grand Prix after also being selected as Finalists for the 2015 showcase. 

Tiegan Denina and Georgia Nolan from Brigidine College Vocal Ensemble told Sydney Eisteddfod about what types of music they enjoy performing together most and what they are most looking forward to in the second half of 2016. 

Describe choral singing in five words. 

Singing together while having fun

Tell us how you became involved in your first choir? 

Australian Girls Choir visited our primary schools which made us want to join!

How would you describe the experience of performing with other singers in a choir? 

A great opportunity to connect with people with similar interests.

 Why do you love being a chorister?

Tours, both national and international & competitions.

What has been a highlight of performing with Brigidine College Senior Vocal Ensemble?

Our tour to Melbourne in 2015 for the National A Cappella Competition and our result at the Sydney Eisteddfod last year. 

Do you have any funny stories/memories to share about your time as a member of Brigidine College Senior Vocal Ensemble?

Doing a flashmob on the flight to Melbourne and having the passengers join in and clap at the end!

Do you have any tips for somebody thinking of joining a choir?

Work as a team, don’t be afraid to ask for help, be aware of the groups sound and blend.

What are you most looking forward to with Brigidine College Senior Vocal Ensemble as 2016 draws to a close? 

Our trip to Melbourne in September and the annual Christmas Concert!

What is Brigidine College Senior Vocal Ensemble hoping to achieve next as an ensemble? 

A win in Melbourne at the National A Cappella Finals would be amazing!

What is the best piece of performance advice you have ever heard?

When your on stage, that is the only time you are allowed to be a diva! And sell it with a smile!

What styles of music do you like singing with Brigidine College Senior Vocal Ensemble most? 

A lot of our girls enjoy music theatre so songs that involve performing as a character. We also enjoy a little Gospel and A Cappella.

What do you believe the future holds for choral singing in Australia? 

With competitions and music movies becoming popular the singing culture is definitely infectious amongst Australian’s!

What life skills would you say you have learnt through being apart of a choir? 

Team work, the importance of rehearsing, awareness of others, leadership, discipline.