Alex Pan 2

An Interview with Alex Pan


Alex Pan, winner of the 2014 Sydney Eisteddfod Actors Championship (16-21 Yrs), has some exciting choices…lawyer, race car driver, actor or any combination of these. Whichever he chooses, his focus on practice and persistence will ensure his success.  

Why did you start acting?  

My mum introduced me to it. I was a really outgoing child, so she thought it would be a good idea for me to take drama lessons with my sister.

What do you do to prepare for a performance? 

Practice…and then practice some more.

What do you dream to achieve?

Right now I really want to get into Sydney Law. If that doesn’t happen it looks like I’ll have to follow my childhood dream to be a race car driver…. Performance wise, the plan is to start getting in some small productions! Maybe move onto something bigger. I don’t know. Depends how busy law school/race driving is.

What have you learnt through performing in the McDonald's Sydney Eisteddfod?

As cheesy as it sounds, persistence. Last year I did terribly because I didn’t have enough time to properly memorise my pieces! I pushed that aside and decided to enter this year regardless. 

What would you say to someone that was thinking about entering the Sydney Eisteddfod? What advice do you have to offer?

If it’s your first time, don’t worry about it! I was really hesitant when I entered in my first eisteddfod back when I lived in New Zealand, but I ended up really enjoying it. Eisteddfods are a great place to practice something you enjoy doing. Also don’t start memorising all your pieces a week before the eisteddfod! 

What was your most memorable moment at McDonald's Sydney Eisteddfod?

Probably watching a really amazing performance in my first year doing this eisteddfod. When I was 15 or so after finishing all my events, I stayed behind to watch the Championship and I saw a really really great performance by a girl who ended up winning it (it was seriously good). I remember sitting there with the rest of the audience who were just in awe about how good it was. I can still remember the feeling the performance left me. It was very powerful.