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"Inspiring, passionate, dramatic, challenging, rewarding." 
- Angela Hogan - Mezzo-Soprano, Finalist in the 2016 Sydney Eisteddfod Opera Scholarship


Videographer Puresonics Media

"The power and satisfaction that I feel when I sing is incredibly rewarding! As opera is the only remaining art form that is unamplified it challenges the singer to utilise all of the muscles in the body (somewhat like an athlete) in order to safely produce a sound that can carry in large auditoriums and over an entire orchestra. The volume required can only be achieved from an open, yet supported space, and should sound free and easy. I feel a real sense of achievement when I am able to align all of the required factors and create this sound. 

Every singer's instrument is different (you will never come across an opera singer who has the same voice as another), and the voice does not lie. There is an honesty in each and every singer's sound. This purity is what keeps me enthralled when listening to the operatic voice. 

The job of an opera singer is to interpret and present pieces of art (a lot of which are hundreds of years old!). It is truly humbling to be the vessel for that art. It requires years of training in the world of classical music in addition to the vocal training mentioned above. Only the serious opera singers can get to the level required in order to reach the main stage - the art form does not suffer fools.

Finally - opera allows you to delve into various characters and become somebody else. There aren't many jobs where you get to be a different person each day! It's challenging and rewarding and I couldn't imagine ever doing anything else. "