Ana Kypreos


At the peak of her dance career Ana Kypreos was one of Australia’s most sought after dancers., consistently sharing the stage with her peers, Kelley Abbey, Jacqui Howard, Roy Dudley, Aaron Cash and Todd McKenny.Ana worked for all the highly acclaimed choreographers

of her time including David Atkins, Ross Coleman, Robyn Mose,Tony Bartuccio, Leigh Chambers and many more. She featured heavily in all of the Dancing Man Shows and with her identifiable ‘mad’ hair and lyrical style she worked as one of Australia’s Best Dancers, including in, Peter Allen in Concert Australia,Two Ronnies in AustraliaTV Series, Tony Bartuccio Dancer, Electric Legs and Elton John - Sad Songs Music Video.

Since then Ana’s career has lead her through many facets of the entertainment industry and in turn has enabled her to work all over the world, from tour manager for Girlfriend,Venga Boys, FIVE,Artistic Manager for Bardot, Event manager Regatta dot Blonde in Malaysia, Harrow Productions Sydney, Choreographer for TV commercials, theatre, events, live shows and now Artistic Director for major events in the Asia Pacific region, namely HK and mainland China, including HSBC 150th Celebrations, London, Shanghai, HK, HSBC Champions Golf Shanghai,Vision House Haute Couture Beijing, James Packers Studio City Casino GOE and Gala Dinner Macau, Galaxy Casino Macau GOE and Gala Dinner.

Ana has also taught dance and performance for more than 30 years and had her own performing arts school from 2000-2013. One of her students was accepted to the Royal Ballet School London and is now at the Oslo Opera Ballet. Ana is compelled to share her knowledge and experience with young people and so cherishes the opportunities to take master classes and judge competitions. Highly sought after in the industr y as an ar tistic director.