Natalie Theodore 2018

Natalie Theodore. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

An Interview with Natalie Theodore


Natalie Theodore, Finalist in the 2018 Sydney Eisteddfod Junior Singer of the Year, talks about her ongoing exposure to various musical styles and music lovers, who have motivated her to keep going on her singing journey. She also shares her opinion on what makes a performance memorable.

Tell us why you love singing

I get great enjoyment from music generally and I love to sing. It's hard not to sing along to a great song! Singing is such a wonderful way to express feelings and tell a story. I love it when what I have performed has resonated with an audience, that they enjoyed the performance but also went through the emotions with me as I sang. Singing is so much fun, it doesn't matter where you are and what you're doing or how good you are at it, anyone from anywhere can sing and absolutely love it.

Who inspired you to start singing

I can't say anyone in particular inspired me to sing. I've always had a love for singing for as long as I can remember (Maybe Hi-5 and The Wiggles have something to do with that!!) I have been lucky to meet many people over the years, who also have a love of music and have shared their knowledge, skills and experience with me, offering assistance and encouragement so I could pursue my dream of singing.

Which other performers do you most like to listen to or watch, and why?

I like a lot of contemporary pop music, blues and a bit of jazz; there are so many different sounds and styles. I also thoroughly enjoy musicals. My parents have always exposed me to many different music styles; we always have music on at home or in the car. I've been to a number of concerts and it's always inspiring to see how performers (such as Adele and Ed Sheeran) can bring such personality to their music.

Tell us about one of the songs that you have chosen to perform in the final

One of the songs I have chosen to sing is Meet Me Midnight by Barry Manilow. It is a song performed by one of my favourite jazz singers Renee Olstead. I love the style of the song. It's fun with a bit of sass thrown in and I thoroughly enjoy it.

What d0 you do to prepare for your performance?

I have been working hard with my singing teacher to practice and refine my songs. This also included working on my guitar technique, as one of my songs is self-accompanied.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever heard?

"It doesn't matter if you can hit the highest of notes, it's how you convey the emotion and meaning behind the song that matters."

What have you learnt about yourself through performing in Sydney Eisteddfod?

Sydney Eisteddfod has given me great opportunities to perform and develop my singing and grow as a performer across a variety of genres. Playing and performing in an Eisteddfod brings out the best in me and reaffirms that I am doing what I love.

What would you like to achieve next?

I'd like to further pursue my love of music. Besides singing lessons, I'm studying music at school and I also learn piano and guitar. I would also like to further develop my song writing ability.

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