Magdalenna Krstevsha

Magdalenna Krstevsha. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

An interview with Magdalenna Krstevska


Clarinetist Magdalenna Krstevska, finalist in The Sydney Eisteddfod NSW Drs Orchestra Instrumental Scholarship, shares what she learnt from performing in Sydney Eisteddfod and her perspective on performing as a musician. 

What inspired you to start playing the clarinet?

At my local primary school there was an excellent music program and every child had to learn recorder from grade 3 onwards. By grade 4 I was looking to start a new instrument and picked the clarinet from the instruments offered at my school. I picked the clarinet because I liked the sound of it and thought it was a very versatile instrument, being featured across all sorts of different genres.

Which other performers do you most like to listen to, and why?

I love watching great local musicians play, in particular one of my old teachers, David Griffiths, and his trio Ensemble Liaison. Every concert of theirs that I watch I am inspired by the musicianship, openness, and versatility of their performances. They play super wide-ranging repertoire and I always get to hear something new and beautiful when I watch them.

What have you learnt from your Sydney Eisteddfod experience?

I have learnt how to pace myself over a few days of heats and the finals a few weeks later and to ensure that I have the right amount of energy to perform when my name is called.

What would you say to a younger musician who was thinking about entering Sydney Eisteddfod?

Go for it! It’s always hard to put yourself out there as a performer, but every time it gets easier. It can be daunting to get up on stage and it’s easy to worry about making mistakes but just remember that even the most famous musicians in the world make mistakes! The most important thing to remember is that it’s not about you- it’s about the music! Share the beautiful music that you’ve been playing with an audience! They’ll love it, I can guarantee that!

What do you hope to achieve next?

It is my plan next year (2019) to move overseas to further my performance studies in Europe. I am still researching where exactly I would like to go, but I am looking for somewhere where there are great performance opportunities and inspiring artists to look up to. It is my goal to pursue musical performance as a career in all capacities; as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician.