Bridgidine Alumni Choir

Brigidine College Alumni Choir, finalists in the 2017 Australian Choral Grand Prix. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

An interview with Lizzy Chan from Brigidine College Alumni Choir


Brigidine College Alumni Choir were new on the Sydney Eisteddfod choral scene in 2017 and made a name for themselves with their heartfelt performances and idyllic harmonies. After being awarded 4th Place in the John Lamble Australasian Open Choral Championship they were selected to perform in the Australian Choral Grand Prix presented by Sydney Eisteddfod and Rotary Club of Sydney Cove. 

Sydney Eisteddfod recently spoke to chorister of Lizzy Chan about what she enjoys most about singing with Brigidine College Alumni Choir and what she believes the future holds for Choral singing in Australia. 

Describe choral singing in five words. 

Team work, singing, harmony, performance. 

Tell us how you became involved in your first choir? 

My aunty suggested that I join the Australian Girls Choir when I was five, because I had two cousins in the choir who I loved to sing with.

Why do you love being a chorister?

It’s like knowing a language that only you and other choristers can speak. There is a great sense of unity that exceeds age or background.

What has been a highlight of performing with Brigidine College Alumni Choir?

Competing at the Sydney Eisteddfod!

What styles of music do you like singing with the Choir most? 

I love when we sing Jazz and Music Theatre. 

What is the Choir hoping to achieve next? 

We are hoping to do some gospel songs and to continue to sing and grow as a group. 

What do you believe the future holds for choral singing in Australia? 

I hope that choral singing in Australia will continue to bring joy, and bring people together.

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