Kiri Jenssen 2018

Kiri Jenssen. Photo: WInkiPoP Media

An Interview with Kiri Jenssen


Kiri Jenssen has been acting and singing since a young age and regularly performs in Sydney Eisteddfod Speech & Drama and Classical Singing events. She recently shared with Sydney Eisteddfod her future aspirations, short term plans and what it's like to pursue her passion for acting and singing. 

Do you see yourself as more of a singer or an actor?

I have been singing and acting since I was very young and I don't see myself as one or the other, especially since there is so much acting involved in singing! I wouldn't be able to separate the two.

Which Events have you been involved in recently?

For Sydney Eisteddfod, I have competed in prose, verse and acting events as well as some classical singing sections.

I have done many operas with Opera Australia and most recently was in "The Howling Girls" with Sydney Chamber Opera. I have been a part of Ryde Youth Theatre for 5 years and I also do performances with The House That Dan Built.

What are your plans next?

I still have a lot to learn, so my plans are to keep working and improving to become a performer -  hopefully as an opera singer.

What have you learnt from your Sydney Eisteddfod experiences so far?

Sydney Eisteddfod is a great platform to hone performing skills and learn new repertoire. It is great to practise performing in front of a live audience and learn from my mistakes.

How has your outlook as a performer changed over time?

With experience, I feel less nervous and more confident every year. My goals haven't really changed, I still want to be a performer.

What are your dream aspirations?

I would like to sing at Covent Garden (Royal Opera House, London) one day.