Wenona Vocal Ensemble, finalists in the 2017 Australian Choral Grand Prix. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

An interview with Kate Carey from Wenona Vocal Ensemble


After impressing audiences with their beautiful performance in the Youth Choir for Female Voices Only (19 & Under) event, Wenona Vocal Ensemble secured their reputation as a choir to watch after placing 3rd in The John Lamble Australasian Championship for Youth Choirs (19 & Under) in 2017.  The choir also progressed through to the Australian Choral Grand Prix where they ended the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod season on a high.  

Chorister Kate Carey talks about what she loves most about performing with Wenona Vocal Ensemble and what they are hoping to achieve next. 

Describe choral singing in five words. 

Friendship, teamwork, fun, beautiful, harmony. 

Tell us how you became involved in your first choir? 

I joined a new school and decided that joining the school choir would be a great way to make friends with girls in all grades and share a common interest with them. 

Why do you love being a chorister?

I love being able to work in a team with a group of amazing girls who I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to become close with. Choirs become so close because we must work together in rehearsal and support each other in performance. I love being able to hear the beautiful music we create, and show our musical achievements in performance.

What has been a highlight of performing with Wenona Vocal Ensemble?

Our annual carol service is my favorite choral events of the year, with the beautiful music, the acoustics of the church, and the use of choral music in telling the Christmas story. I love this event because it starts the festive holiday season and everyone enjoys the evening so much. 

What styles of music do you like singing with Wenona Vocal Ensemble most?  

I really enjoy being able to sing such a large variety of music with the Wenona Vocal Ensemble, and this diversity makes singing with the choir so interesting and helps us all develop our choral ability.

What is Wenona Vocal Ensemble hoping to achieve next as an ensemble?  

With the help of the eisteddfod prize money the Wenona Vocal Ensemble is hoping to work with either a guest conductor, or compose an original piece with a guest composer. 

Do you have any tips for somebody thinking of joining a choir?

Definitely give choir a go because the friendships and skills you learn are amazing, and the opportunities you have through being involved in a choir are so much fun. 

What do you believe the future holds for choral singing in Australia?  

I believe that there is a lot more Aboriginal and Asian choral music being composed and performed, and thus I think that we will see a lot more choral performance pieces from different ethnic backgrounds, which will amplify diversity in choral music.