Sydney Vocal Project2

Sydney Vocal Project, finalists in the 2017 Australian Choral Grand Prix. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

An interview with Jodie Sheppard from Sydney Vocal Project


Sydney Vocal Project chorister Jodie Sheppard  spoke to Sydney Eisteddfod about what she loves about about choral singing and how she became involved with her first choir. She also spoke about what she believes is in store for the future of choral singing in Australia. 

Sydney Vocal Project was awarded first prize in the 2017 Choir - excluding School Choir (Any Age) event and then progressed through to the John Lamble Australasian Choral Championships and the Australian Choral Grand Prix, presented by Sydney Eisteddfod and Rotary Club of Sydney Cove.  

Describe choral singing in five words.

Inspiring, team building, uplifting, energising, addictive.

Tell us how you became involved in your first choir?

By accident! I dutifully went to listen to a friend and ended up ‘on the risers’! 

Why do you love being a chorister?

I love being a chorister because it is a great way to share and explore music with others who love music too.

What has been a highlight of performing with Sydney Vocal Project?

One of the biggest highlights for me was competing in  Vocal Australia's AUSACA Australian A Capella Awards which were held in Melbourne. 

What styles of music do you like singing with Sydney Vocal project most?

Its the variety rather than any particular style that I love singing with the choir. We sing anything - gospel, popular, jazz, classical, simple, complex!

Do you have any tips for somebody thinking of joining a choir?

Do it! Be sure to find a group that sings the types of music you like and that has a commitment level that suits you.

What do you believe the future holds for choral singing in Australia?

Choral singing is gaining popularity at the moment especially a cappella. Heaps of people see choral singing as a fun way enjoy music in a team setting and appreciate the boost in happiness it can bring to both those singing and those listening.

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