Celeste Haworth

Celeste Haworth. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

An interview with Celeste Haworth


Celeste Haworth, 3rd place-getter in the 2018 The Sydney Eisteddfod Opera Scholarship, talks about her earliest memories where singing played an important role, but also the hard work she put into her practice to study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 

What inspired your passion for opera?

I was always one of those children that never stopped singing. Eventually, I took lessons and it was simply the direction my voice started to take. I worked hard at it to begin my studies at the Sydney Conservatorium, and I am so grateful I did: My voice has taken me all over the world.

Who inspired you to start singing?

My grandmother had a deep love of music, and at one time had a very fine coloratura soprano voice, but she never pursued it. It was something we shared together. Yet my earliest memories are from my mother singing a few songs that I would sing along with her, or the classic Disney songs that made up so much of my childhood. I suppose some people outgrow that pastime, but I never did.

Do the neighbours complain when you practise?

My neighbours are a lovely Italian family with an appreciation of the arts. They tend to fling open the windows to hear me, which not only is kind but exceedingly patient; practise requires repetition!

What is the best piece of performance advice you've ever heard?

Your voice is unique. Go out and be you!

What do you do when you’re not singing?

I share my love of classical music on the radio: I am a presenter at Fine Music 102.5. You may have heard me one afternoon, or more recently on afternoon radio drive time, Fine Music Drive.