Bella Thomas 2

Bella Thomas on stage in the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinikiPoP Media

An interview with Bella Thomas


Bella Thomas took some time to tell us about her love of singing and all things music! She also reveals what it was like being selected as a Finalist for the second consecutive year in the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod Junior Singer of the Year. Bella was  unfortunately unable to perform on the night of the Final but still shared the motivation behind her chosen song 'Let Things Go'. 

Why do you love singing? 

Singing takes me to another place, another world really. When I'm singing I feel like I become a different person, and I forget everything else that's going on for that moment. And I love entertaining other people, and seeing people get a kick out of music.

What inspired you to start singing?

I have always loved to sing since I was a very little girl. I used to watch Shirley Temple videos over and over again, then I would memorise all of the songs and sing them to my family. Then my Grade 2 teacher Mrs Harper grabbed my Mum after school one day and said she thought I could sing, and that I should audition for some local musical theatre - I never looked back. 

How did it feel to be selected as a finalist in the Sydney Eisteddfod Junior Singer of the Year for the second consecutive year?

Very grateful is how I feel, because I was competing against some seriously talented singers. It's the thrill of performing that really gets me going, and I'm just happy to be out there having a go.

tell us a little bit about the song 'Let Things Go'.

"Let Things Go” is from a musical called Ordinary Days, written by Adam Gown. It’s set in New York, and Is all about a girl having to face to her past to be able to move forward into her future. New York's a place I dream about going one day, with Broadway, its yellow taxis the Statue of Liberty. So a lot of music set in NYC resonates with me, and I find it easy to pretend and play around with.

Which other performers do you most like to listen to &  watch, and why? 

I love going to Musicals, so I listen to a lot of soundtracks from musicals! Lately I have been listening to the cast recordings of “Ordinary Days” and “Waitress” and I never get sick of listening to “Hamilton” the musical. I’ve also been listening to Midnight Oil (thanks to my father), and I’m finding it really interesting to appreciate songs with a purpose - especially a political, environmental or a humanitarian agenda. Music is entertainment first and foremost, but it can also be used to tap into another part of the soul, and to get people thinking about stuff they wouldn't normally spend time on. I love that.

What do you do to prepare for your performances?

Hydrate, practice and get lots of sleep!

What is the best piece of performance advice you've ever heard?

That it is impossible to die of embarrassment on stage no matter what goes wrong.

What have you learnt from your Sydney Eisteddfod experience? 

To just enjoy the moment and appreciate the opportunity to stand up on a stage and perform in front of an audience.