201: Accompanist Award - with a Singer or an Instrumentalist (30 & Under)

Sunday 16 June

Venue: Kawai Australia Showroom

Event Ages: 30 and Under

Event Type: Solo

Sponsored by
The Megan Evans OAM Trust Fund

Status: Completed

Own choice of one or more items.

Total Performance Time of up to 10 minutes, which includes time taken between items.

This Award is for an accompanist accompanying a singer or an instrumentalist. Non-amplified.

Only the accompanist is to be judged, not the singer or the instrumentalist.

Provision of singer/instrumentalist is the entrant's own responsibility. No age restriction on singer/instrumentalist and whether they are professional or not.

The singer/instrumentalist may sing/play for more than one accompanist.

Winner: $500

*Megan Evan's involvement began at the first City of Sydney Eisteddfod and she served as accompanist to several winners of the Opera Scholarship, the last being in 2005 and until 2010 continued accompanying singers and instrumentalists in the annual Sydney Eisteddfod. This Award is to commemorate her memory.

  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry
  • Piano Category Rules & Conditions

Winner ~ 2 Paul Cheung (Strathfield)

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