2022 Instrumental Solos & Duos Category Rules & Conditions

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The following rules and conditions are specific to the INSTRUMENTAL SOLOS & DUOS category.
Please ensure you also read the General Rules & Conditions of Entry.

1.   Performances are for soloists unless an event indicates otherwise.

2.   Registration and performance rules are strictly enforced. Please refer to the General Rules & Conditions of Entry Items 17 to 29.

3.   COMPULSORY FESTIVAL e-PROGRAM: Purchase of a Festival e-Program is compulsory for all entrants. Teachers submitting entries for individual students MUST PURCHASE a Festival e-Program for each soloist, except where they share the same family address. As the online entry form only allows for one compulsory Festival e-Program on checkout, teachers who enter multiple students on the SAME online entry form are requested to email: production@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au  to complete their compulsory Festival e-Program purchase requirements.

4.   TEACHER’S PASS: Teachers who have submitted 10 or more students in SOLO events will be eligible for ONE Festival Pass. To claim, they should email: production@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au  no later than Friday 20 May 2022 giving details of each student's name and the event number they are entered. Please allow 10 working days to receive this Pass in the mail. An administrative charge of $10 needs to be paid, so please be sure to arrange for this payment at the same time as when applying.

5.   Time limits allow for the presentation of ONE OR MORE ITEMS, published or unpublished unless otherwise stipulated, provided they fit within the nominated time limits. Limits are strictly monitored and entrants exceeding ‘Total Performance Time’ will be eligible for ‘comments only’ - not for a placing. Please refer to Item 27 in the General Rules & Conditions of Entry.

6.   A different item is required for each event unless repeats are specifically allowed. Items performed in a Heat must be repeated in the Final unless otherwise stipulated.

7.   If it is specifically indicated that an item may be repeated, it may be repeated ONLY ONCE except when progressing to a Final. An entrant found repeating an item other than where allowed will be eligible for ‘comments only’ - not for a placing.

8.   Published or unpublished work is allowed unless the event states otherwise. Personal transposition of music is permitted in instrumental solo & group events.

9.   A copy of the music, in performance order, labelled with Event & Entrant numbers MUST BE provided for the adjudicator. Only original published music will be returned. Photocopies will not be returned as per APRA/AMCOS Policy.

10.   Performances are with acoustic piano accompaniment unless the work chosen was composed specifically for solo instrument without accompaniment.

11.   Subject to the venue, there may be no warm-up or dressing room facilities. Entrants are called from the auditorium except in a Final.


a)   An Official Accompanist will be available for Events 253-265, 267-275 & 277-279 ONLY. Details available in May. NO OFFICIAL ACCOMPANISTS are provided for any of the other instrumental solo events. 

b)   See ‘Directory of Accompanists’ in the front of the Program (available in May) or in Entrant Corner on the Sydney Eisteddfod website.

c)   The Official Accompanist is free at the event itself, but prior rehearsal is advised. Entrants should make an appointment at least three weeks before the performance date. Accompanists’ rehearsal availability is quickly booked out. Accompanists are not obliged to play poorly presented, difficult or illegible music at sight. Our recommended rehearsal fee is $45 per half-hour.

d)   Musicians can appoint their own accompanist if they wish to and accompanists need not conform to the age requirements and can play for more than one entrant.

e)    Accompanists are welcome to bring along a page-turner should they wish, but the page-turner needs to purchase an admission ticket.

13. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sydney Eisteddfod’s mission continues to promote ‘live’ performances in our annual Festival. However, should a pandemic preclude this, it reserves the right to ask all entrants to send in videos to continue to be able to perform their work/s.