2022 Dance Category Rules & Conditions

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The following rules and conditions are specific to the DANCE category. Please ensure you also read the General Rules & Conditions of Entry.

1.   Performances are for soloists unless an event indicates otherwise.

2.   Registration and performance rules are strictly enforced. Please refer to the General Rules & Conditions of Entry Items 17 to 29.

3.   COMPULSORY FESTIVAL e-PROGRAM: Purchase of a Festival e-Program is compulsory for all entrants. Teachers submitting entries for individual students MUST PURCHASE a Festival e-Program for each soloist, except where they share the same family address. As the online entry form only allows for one compulsory Festival e-Program on checkout, teachers who enter multiple students on the SAME online entry form are requested to email: production@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au to complete their compulsory Festival e-Program purchase requirements.


a)   SOLOS/DUOS/TRIOS: Teachers who have submitted 10 or more students in SOLO events OR 20 or more students if including ‘Duo/Trio’ events will be eligible for ONE Festival Pass. To claim, they should email: productioncoordinator@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au no later than Friday 20 May 2022 giving details of each student's name and the event number they are entered. Please allow 10 working days to receive this Pass in the mail. An administrative charge of $10 needs to be paid, so please be sure to make arrangements for this payment at the same time as when applying.

b)   GROUPS (4-9, 5-30 & 10-30 dancers): One Free Admission ticket PER GROUP will be issued by the Session Manager when registering and this is given to the person who submits the backing USB. Normal admission charges apply to all other helpers/supervisors/choreographers with the group should they wish to see the performance.

5.   Time limits allow for the presentation of ONE ITEM except in scholarships and championships as indicated. Limits are strictly monitored and entrants exceeding them will be eligible for ‘comments only’ - not for a placing.

6.   A different item is required for each event unless repeats are specifically allowed. Items performed in a Heat must be repeated in the Final unless otherwise stipulated.

7.   If it is specifically indicated that an item may be repeated, it may be repeated ONLY ONCE except when progressing to a Final. An entrant found repeating an item other than where allowed will be eligible for ‘comments only’ - not for a placing.

8.  Classical Ballet Solos:       

a) Choreography: Choreography from the traditional/professional classical repertoire (or modifications to the choreography) not to be used except in Event 400 & 423.

b) Costume:
*   14 & Over Solo Classical Dance Events:
 Any Traditional Classical costume is allowed. (except in Event 400: Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship where specific costume relating to repertoire is compulsory).
*   13 & Under Solo Classical Dance Events: Traditional Classical Short tutu must be worn by girls in all solo classical dances.

9.   TARKETT: No tarkett floor provided for tap. Tarkett may also not be provided for Song & Dance. For all other events, including School Dance Events, tarkett will be provided.Where tarkett is provided no tap shoes or footwear with metal will be allowed. 

10.   FINALS: In solo events with 40 or more entries, ‘Final if required’ will be scheduled as close to the heats as possible. If fewer than 40 actually perform, or if the adjudicator decides the final will not be required, the result will be announced. Finalists to repeat their item/s from the heats in the same costume, unless otherwise indicated.


a) There is no backstage crossover at the Science Theatre, or at the Concert Hall of Sydney Opera House and The Concourse, Chatswood.

b) Under-stage access at the Science Theatre and behind the stage at the Concert Hall of The Concourse, Chatswood is only to be used at the start of the performance.

c) Dancers may be penalised if found running under-stage or behind the stage to gain access to the other side during performance at any of the venues.

12.   MUSIC:

a) We will now only be accepting a USB for entrants.

b)  RECORDED BACKING TRACK: Please ensure the backing tracks are uploaded onto the USBs properly  and clearly named with a tag including Entrant Number, Event Number and Whether starting ON STAGE or OFF STAGE. USBs will NOT BE ACCEPTED if this information is not clearly marked. In case of USB failure, subject to the venue, a phone can be used, as a backup. See Entrant corner for 'USB Policy'.

c) There must only be ONE file on the USB handed in for the Audio Technician to play. If more than one file is on the USB this will hold up the event and marks may be deducted.

d)  The USB must be handed to the Session Manager when registering at least 15 minutes before the start of the session or event 'EST' time.

e)  After receiving revised advice from APRA/AMCOS, Sydney Eisteddfod will once again RETURN the  USB TO ENTRANTS. These need to be collected with the reports at the conclusion of each event. USBs will only be kept for one week after the conclusion of an event, after which they will be securely destroyed & recycled.

f)   No person, unless authorised, may sit with the sound operator.

g)  Vocals optional on  USB unless otherwise excluded (e.g. Song & Dance).

13.   SCENERY, PROPS & COSTUMES: Entrants will be penalised with marks deducted, if any of the following are not adhered to:

a)   Entrants, particularly in the Demi-Character events, are requested to note that NO FREE-STANDING SCENERY ALLOWED. Simple hand-held props (basket, scarf, doll, flowers, etc) are permitted only if actually used in the routine. Each entrant is responsible for placing and removing their items on stage. Parents or teachers are not allowed to assist with this set-up.

b)   Props may not be assembled anywhere on site at the venue. Props must be easily carried backstage by the entrant themselves WITHOUT ANY ASSISTANCE.

c)   Performers must not use fire, sharp or sharp-edged implements, live animals or props of polystyrene components on stage at any time. 

d)   Props of a height of 1 metre or more that will be performed on in any manner (e.g. for standing, walking, etc) MUST INCLUDE a hand-rail. This is a safety and insurance requirement and CANNOT be waived. All such props must not exceed a height of 1.7 metres.

 e)   Props on wheels or those mobile during the performance may not be permitted if their use is deemed dangerous. NOTE: All venues have strict regulations that override any safety-related decisions at other venues.

f)   Any electronic props being used as part of the routine have to be cleared with Sydney Eisteddfod due to venue security reasons at least two weeks in advance of the performance date. NOTE: All Venues have strict regulations that override any safety-related decisions at other venues.

 g)   There must be no debris, residue or substance from an entrant’s performance or costume requiring the stage to be cleaned and causing delay to the session. Penalty applies. No liquids, soap bubbles or excessive body talc should be used and the surface of the stage must not be coated.

h)   ROSIN IS NOT TO BE USED in any part of the venue, dressing room or stage area.

14.   The use of house curtains is not allowed unless authorised by Sydney Eisteddfod Officials in special cases.

15.   PROPRIETY: Make-up, costumes and choreography should be suitable to the age of the dancers and sexually explicit actions avoided. It is incumbent on teachers and parents to ensure that all competitors dress age appropriately. Marks may be deducted by the adjudicator.

16.   DRESSING ROOM: Dressing Room facilities at the Science Theatre, Shore School and at The Concourse, Chatswood, and are shared. Entrants are therefore requested to come as pre-prepared as possible - especially make-up. Your co-operation is much appreciated. Dressing in the hallways or foyer is strictly prohibited, changing may only take place in the allocated dressing area.

 17.   TERMS:

a)   Demi-Character: Must be based on classical technique and have a strong story line or characterisation clearly transmitting an emotion. Title only (not a synopsis) MUST BE PROVIDED when registering. Please be aware of what are considered suitable ‘props’. See item 13 above.

b)   Tap: Tap music accompaniment can include vocals. Recorded tap routines are not allowed. Stage will be mic’d for all tap events.

c)   Jazz: This may include lyrical jazz and musical theatre. Choreographers should be aware of jazz techniques. Acrobatic actions are performed at own risk. Selection of music should be suited to age of dancer.

d)   Song & Dance: No microphones provided. Dance tarkett will NOT be provided. May include pop/rock/jazz/tap. Selection of song should be suited to age of dancer.  USB accompaniment must be music only without any vocals.

18.    Dancing out of section to quality for championships or scholarships is strictly prohibited. Age groups are strictly adhered and dancing out of age group is also prohibited.

19.   No parents OR teachers allowed backstage except for ONE nominated supervisor for group events.

20.   SCHOOL DANCE GROUPS: Events 517-530

A person is permitted to perform only ONCE in an event. No tap shoes allowed or footwear with metal in events 517-530. Cross elevation of advanced juniors is allowed. These events are restricted to Infant, Primary & Secondary Schools only. A group may represent one school or two schools combined. Participants must be bonafide students of either school. A group comprising students from three or more schools is not allowed. However, other combinations may be allowed, especially for regional and certain interstate schools, at the discretion of Sydney Eisteddfod. Different combinations need to make written application to Sydney Eisteddfod for special consideration and the decision of the Eisteddfod will be final. For equitable adjudication, professional dance academies and specialist performing arts schools with accreditation are excluded. Pointe work is not compulsory. Schools may also enter any of the other dance events.

21.   IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sydney Eisteddfod’s mission continues to promote ‘live’ performances in our annual Festival. However, should a pandemic preclude this, it reserves the right to ask all entrants to send in videos to continue to be able to perform their work/s.