2017 Speech & Drama Category Rules & Conditions

The following rules and conditions are specific to the SPEECH & DRAMA category. Please ensure you also read the General Rules & Conditions of Entry.

1.   Performances are for soloists unless an event indicates otherwise.

2.   Registration and performance rules are strictly enforced (see the General Rules & Conditions of Entry Items 17 to 28).

3.   COMPULSORY FESTIVAL e-PROGRAM: Purchase of an Festival e-Program is compulsory for all entrants. Teachers submitting entries for individual students MUST PURCHASE a Festival e-Program for each soloist, except where they share the same family address. As the online entry form only allows for one compulsory Festival e-Program on checkout, teachers who enter multiple students on the SAME online entry form are requested to email: entries@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au to complete their compulsory Festival e-Program purchase requirements.


a)   SOLOS/DUOS/TRIOS: Teachers who have submitted 10 or more students in SOLO events OR 20 or more students if including ‘Duologue or Trio’ events will be eligible for ONE Festival Pass. To claim, they should email: frontdesk@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au giving student names and event number details. Please allow 10 working days to receive this Pass in the mail. An administrative charge of $10 needs to be paid, so please be sure to make arrangements for this payment at the same time as when applying.

b)   DRAMA GROUPS: One Free Admission ticket PER GROUP will be issued by the Session Manager when registering. Normal admission charges apply to all other helpers/supervisors with the group should they wish to see the performance.

5.   Time limits allow for the presentation of ONE OR MORE ITEMS, published or unpublished unless otherwise stipulated, provided they fit within the nominated time limits. Limits are strictly monitored and entrants exceeding ‘Total Performance Time’ will be eligible for ‘comments only’ - not for a placing.

6.   A different item is required for each event unless repeats are specifically allowed. Items performed in a Heat must be repeated in the Final unless otherwise stipulated.

7.   If it is specifically indicated that an item may be repeated, it may be repeated ONLY ONCE except when progressing to a Final. An entrant found repeating an item other than where allowed will be disqualified.

8.   Performances must be spoken in English.

9.   No prompting allowed, unless deemed necessary by the adjudicator, in which case marks will be deducted and the entrant will not be considered for any major placing.

10.   All items to be performed from memory (except events 311 & 334). Cuts to the original text may be made.

11.   A copy of the work to be performed, in performance order, labelled with Event & Entrant numbers and acknowledging the author’s name, MUST BE provided for the adjudicator. Photocopies will not be returned.

12.   Entrants must themselves announce only the title of their performance item(s). The Session Manager is not required to make this announcement.

13.   EQUIPMENT PROVIDED BY SYDNEY EISTEDDFOD (not considered as props):

a)   Solos: A small table and a chair provided.

b)   Duologues or Trios and Groups: A small table with 4 standard chairs provided.

14.   SCENERY, PROPS & COSTUMES: Entrants will be penalised with marks deducted or disqualified if the following are not adhered to:

a)   Entrants are requested to note that NO FREE STANDING SCENERY ALLOWED. Simple hand-held props (basket, scarf, doll, flowers, etc) are permitted only if actually used in the performance. Each entrant is responsible for placing and removing their items on stage. Parents or teachers are not allowed to assist with this set-up.

b)   Props may not be assembled on site. Props must be easily carried backstage by the entrant themselves WITHOUT ANY ASSISTANCE. Parents or teachers are not allowed to assist with this set-up.

c)   Performers must not use fire, sharp or sharp-edged implements, live animals or props of polystyrene components on stage at any time.

d)   Props of a height of 1 metre or more that will be performed on in any manner (e.g. for standing, walking, etc) MUST include a hand-rail. This is a safety and insurance requirement and CANNOT be waived. All such props must not exceed a height of 1.7 metres.

e)   There must be no debris, residue or substance from an entrant’s performance or costume requiring the stage to be cleaned and causing delay to the session. Penalty applies. No liquids, rosin, soap bubbles or excessive body talc should be used and the surface of the stage must not be coated.

15.   DRAMA GROUPS: No scenery. Entrants can use their own audio equipment to play sound effects but no equipment is available at the venues. Use of House Curtains not permitted (Please refer to Item 14 above).

16.   PROPRIETY: Standard of dress is as important as the performance. Personal presentation appropriate to a stage appearance may be taken into consideration. The use of explicit language and gestures is prohibited, and entrants should avoid items of an overtly sexual or undignified nature.

17.   PUBLIC SPEAKING: A warning bell one minute before end of time limit and a final bell at the expiration of time limit will be rung. Prepared Speech: No copy required for the adjudicator. Cue cards can be used by entrants as a memory jog. Not to be used to read from. Impromptu Speech: A topic, provided by the adjudicator, will be given to each entrant in the preparation room. Entrants are not allowed to take material of any kind into this room, including mobile phones or other electronic devices. Paper & pen will be provided for notes.