2017 Instrumental Groups Category Rules & Conditions

The following rules and conditions are specific to the INSTRUMENTAL GROUPS Category. Please ensure you also read the General Rules & Conditions of Entry.

 1.   Registration and performance rules are strictly enforced (see the General Rules & Conditions of Entry Items 17 to 28).

2.   Time limits allow for the presentation of ONE OR MORE ITEMS, published or unpublished unless otherwise stipulated, provided they fit within the nominated time limits. Limits are strictly monitored and entrants exceeding the ‘Total Performance Time’ will be eligible for ‘comments only’ - not for a placing.

3.   A different item is required for each event unless repeats are specifically allowed. Items performed in a Heat must be repeated in the Final unless otherwise stipulated.

4.   If it is specifically indicated that an item may be repeated, it may be repeated ONLY ONCE except when progressing to a Final. An entrant found repeating an item other than where allowed will be disqualified.

5.   A copy of complete scores, in order of performance, with bars numbered, must be provided.

6.   EACH SCORE, in performance order, labelled with Event & Entrant numbers MUST BE provided for the adjudicator. Photocopies will not be returned. 

7.   Non-playing conductors may conduct any number of ensembles.

8.   In this category only, the ruling about performing only once in an event may be waived for a school student who plays a different instrument in another ensemble entered by a different teacher, OR if the musician is a bonafide member of both a community group and a school group performing in the same event. Written requests for a student to appear twice must come from the School at least one month in advance of the event affected, and the decision of Sydney Eisteddfod will be final.

9.   A group to represent ONE SCHOOL ONLY except in Percussion Ensemble Events- please refer to Item 20 below. Group comprising students from two or more schools is not allowed except in special circumstances for local and regional and certain interstate schools at the discretion of Sydney Eisteddfod. Groups MUST SEND IN WRITTEN APPLICATIONS at least one month in advance of the event affected, with all relevant details to entries@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au for special consideration and the decision of Sydney Eisteddfod will be final.

10.   In school events, non-students are not permitted to perform accompaniment.

11.   Cross elevation of advanced juniors is allowed.

12.   The display of band banners or other identification is not allowed.

13.   Leaders are requested to organise their groups on stage with a minimum of delay. Extraneous stands and chairs will not be struck.

14.   Marshals are responsible for the movement of groups for the efficient conduct of the session, and their instructions must be followed or disqualification may result.

15.   WARM-UP for large groups: If a suitable room is available, each group in an event will be allocated equal warm-up time. This time will be less than the event performance time limit (refer to each event) and commence from entering the room.

16.   SET-UP & TUNING: From the moment the last musician walks on stage, a maximum of 3 minutes is allowed for setting up and tuning of any instruments. A bell WILL BE RUNG from the adjudicator’s tables at the expiration of this time, after which performance time commences. Groups in the venue must, at the direction of marshals, be seated in the auditorium until called.

17.   RECORDING: Instrumental Groups (except for School Chamber Music) will receive a recording of their performance either on CD,  USB or via email, technology permitting. Extra cost has been factored with the entry fees.

18.   EQUIPMENT:  Please be sure to read the Event Conditions to confirm which instrumentation your event allows, or if in doubt please send in an email enquiry to: entries@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au

a)   PROVIDED BY SYDNEY EISTEDDFOD (only where event conditions allow): 
Note: See Entrant corner for Equipment provided & Stage Plans

Maximum of 60 chairs and 50 music stands, a grand piano, and a large complement of percussion instruments are provided for events in this category. Instruments additional to those provided must be supplied by the group.

b)   Brought in by the musicians:

-   Small instruments, taken out of their cases, will remain with individual musicians and be taken into the auditorium to be seated as the groups arrive.

-   For larger instruments a space will be provided in the foyer where the groups can store their instruments – provided these are supervised by someone from each group, as Sydney Eisteddfod cannot be responsible for them.

c)   A questionnaire will be sent to all groups prior to the date of their performance. The information received from the groups will assist with registration on the day, e.g. ‘names of Helpers’, etc. These helpers will be issued with a ’Helper’s Pass’ and need to remain with the group at all times, including going with the musicians into the warm-up room, settling the group on stage and supervising the group after their performance.

19.   JAZZ & STAGE ENSEMBLES: Only one microphone with an amplifier will be provided for the vocalist, the piano will also be amplified. No other microphones provided for any other instrumentalists.

20.   PERCUSSION ENSEMBLES: If a student is performing twice in the same event, written request has to come from the group/school at least three weeks in advance of the event affected, and the decision of Sydney Eisteddfod will be final- please refer to item 8 above.